Embedding Prezi in WordPress Blog (fail)

Thanks to one of my students, I learned something new today. It turns out that WordPress.com will not let uses insert embedded elements that use an <iframe> tag in a website that is hosted by their .com site.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 10.31.37 AM

This means that you can no longer embed a Prezi into a WordPress blog using the method of copying the embed code into your blog post or page. I can understand that <iframe> tags can pose some security risks for WordPress.com. I tried several workarounds that were listed online, but none of them worked for me.

(If you are running your own server, you can install a plugin to make embedding Prezis possible, but we are not using our own servers for class.)

That is just a pure bummer in the overall scheme of things, but we have to find a way to link to Prezis and make our blogs look aesthetically pleasing too.

The best way to make a Prezi link look appealing for the user, rather than posting a long hyperlink, would be to take a small sample of an engaging image from your Prezi like I have done below.


Next, while still in WordPress edit mode, click on the image and create a hyperlink to your Prezi, as I’ve done here.

Tech note: Instead of linking your user to your Prezi with the “embed” code, click the “share” button in Prezi and copy the link provided.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 10.34.58 AM

Also, it’s good practice to open links to other websites in a new window so that the reader can easily return to your blog for continued reading.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 10.28.56 AM

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Instructor of Composition and Rhetoric at the University of Colorado Denver, specializing in 21st century skills, research, and creative nonfiction. Director of the Denver Writing Project, a local site of the National Writing Project's professional network for K through College educators.
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2 Responses to Embedding Prezi in WordPress Blog (fail)

  1. Sad..Have you found a better workaround in the days since this post?

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