Converting MP4 Video Files to M4V Using Handbrake – Video Tutorial

This video tutorial explains how to use Handbrake to convert MP4 files into M4V files without buying expensive conversion software. If your  camera shoots MP4 files, you’ll have to convert them before editing them into iMovie 11 because iMovie 11 only understands an MP4’s audio, not its video. (I’m hoping Apple will change this in future versions of iMovie.)

iMovie 11 WILL import the MP4 files, but you will only get audio, not video. This is evident right away in iMovie when you try to preview your clips in the event library. You will hear the sounds but only see a black screen. This tutorial will help you solve the problem without spending any money.


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Instructor of Composition and Rhetoric at the University of Colorado Denver, specializing in 21st century skills, research, and creative nonfiction. Director of the Denver Writing Project, a local site of the National Writing Project's professional network for K through College educators.
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2 Responses to Converting MP4 Video Files to M4V Using Handbrake – Video Tutorial

  1. 4/2/14: It appears that you are using a demo version or a version for Apple.
    My interface, for Windows 7, 64-bit, version 0.9.9, looks less… robust. Can you confirm which version you are using? Thanks.

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