More WordPress Video Assistance

This video covers three issues that students have faced when using WordPress for Multimedia Composition:

1) How to Create Categories (to organize content)

2) How to Add a Navigation Menu Based on Categories

3) How to Create a Static Homepage in WordPress (a site entry page that stays the same, instead of casting your blogroll)


–This video was created using Quicktime Player (for the screencast) and iMovie (to stitch the clips together and add the closing comments). If you are taking Multimedia Composition and have these programs available to you, I highly encourage you to begin experimenting with their functions early in the semester so that you’ll be prepared to use them for your final project. They are not difficult to use, but using them for the first time often involves a learning curve.

About npiasecki

Instructor of Composition and Rhetoric at the University of Colorado Denver, specializing in 21st century skills, research, and creative nonfiction. Director of the Denver Writing Project, a local site of the National Writing Project's professional network for K through College educators.
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