Freedom of Expression Documentary

What is the title and release date of the documentary?  Who is the producer? Who sponsored the production of the documentary? Freedom of Expression: Resistance & Repression in the Age of Intellectual Property

Give a summary of the content. This film discusses the new concern with copyright and fair use of creative works–a concern that wasn’t as relevant for all citizens before the Internet age.

Culture and Copyright: The film makes the argument that copyright hurts our cultural identity and cultural progress.

What types of research do you think the author had to do in order to complete the project?  What limitations do you think he/she experienced? The film utilizes primary sources to share the history of copyright and the rules surrounding copyright extensions. They seemlessly integrated secondary research into the narration without necessarily citing them directly in site. They clearly refer to legal cases, the constitution, and bills that were passed regarding copyright.

ISBN: 1932869182

By: Jeremy Smith; Sut Jhally; Jeremy Earp; Kembrew McLeod;

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